So, who are we? 

The Denotones 60’s Experience is a fully live five piece band playing, as our name suggests, all that is best from the golden era of the 1960’s. 

That said, if required, we will roll out classics out from the 50’s, 70’s and 80’s. 

With regular rehearsals, we are constantly adding to our repertoire and always honing the show, as our ultimate goal is to ensure you will leave a performance feeling that you have been thoroughly entertained.


The Band; 

Tubbs - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals and chief ale taster  

Over forty years experience gained, playing cabaret and tribute shows all over the UK and Europe. Also summer seasons at holiday camps, playing very varied styles of music, on both a pro and semi-pro basis. 

Some TV work, namely three series of the prime time ITV drama, William and Mary, as part of the featured band; The Emerald Dogs.  

Also, plays drums and guitar, and has a keen interest in sound engineering.  


Dom - Drums, backing vocals and always the first one to know when it is raining! 
Because of his freakish height, we make him sit at the back and hit stuff.  

At the age of eighteen, Dom and his mates got hold of the book ‘101 Beatles songs for buskers’ and their first gigging band; Eleanor Rigby and the Day Trippers, was formed and he's been playing  ever since.



Dave - Lead Guitar and backing vocals.  

Began playing in bands at fifteen and cut his teeth playing for the The Wellington Bootles and the hard working 60’s band, Taylor Made. 

Since then Dave has lent his silky guitar skills to many bands, before being poached by Tubbs for the Denotones. 


Al - Keyboard, backing vocals and a steadying influence. I never said boring! 

A keys player with over twenty-five years playing experience. His trusted Yamaha S90ES helps us define those classic 60’s sounds. 

Al’s musicality is often the inspiration for the tweaks in arrangements, which allow us to put on a flowing performance. 


Me, Deano - Lead vocals and rhythm Guitar. Smart, Sophisticated, and Smooth, and I also wrote these bio's. 

I’ve been singing in bands since the age of fourteen and have been steadily honing my voice ever since. 

My love of 50’s and 60’s have been the key influences to my musical career, especially the work of Elvis, Buddy Holly and the classic vocal groups of those great eras. 




Road Crew; 

Jack Taylor, Dave’s son. Budding sound engineer, photographer, guitar tech and roadie for his old man.